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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Barbeque Nation

This restaurant has only buffet for both lunch and dinner. And for those of us who are bored with routine chilly chickens, dum biryanis, paneer tikkas, tandoori masalas etc – Barbeque nation is a refreshing change from the ordinary.

The concept of starters is interesting here. Once you settle down, the waiters will bring and place a grill (with hot coal in it), right in the central opening on your table. And on this, you can grill your own starters!

For lunch, you have 5 starters. 3 vegetarian, and 2 non vegetarian. I must say, though am not a big fan of veg, the veg starters were also very good in taste. Non Veg starters are typically chicken and mutton. All these are bought to the table in the on barbeque spikes, and we get to use the grill on our table to heat them up! Isn't that an experience you would want to have?

For dinner, you have more starters! Infact, you have 5 non-veg starters! Fish, Prawns, Chicken and Mutton
J. Especially the prawns are a very big hit during dinner time.

Ohh, and mind you, we haven't even looked at the main course buffet yet! It is similar for both lunch and dinner. There are 4 non veg items (yes, you heard it right! Apart from the starters, there are 4 more non-veg items), some 8 veg items, 6 salads and 8 desserts!! You can add your own flavour, from a choice of three flavours, to your ice cream. The mini gulab jumans are a treat to watch and eat ;-). The pastries, puddings etc are all soft that melt as soon as you eat them!

Now, for the bad part
L. When the restaurant is full (which it is for most of the time), the service gets very tardy and slow. Especially during dinner time, I have always had bad experiences with the service. I generally made it a point from then on to go there early so that I can get the best service.

Apart from this one glaring glitch, the experience of eating food here (multiple times, that too ;-) ), has always been fulfilling and appetizing. You must surely enter this nation of the barbeques!

Location: 5th floor, City Centre, Banjara Hills
Cuisine: Indianized Mediterranean
Buffet for both Lunch and Dinner
Cost of Meal: Lunch Buffet – Rs. 250/ + taxes (inclusive of one drink)
Dinner Buffet – Rs. 450 + taxes (no drink!)
Phone Number: 040-64566692/3

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